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May 24, 2024

The Content Entrepreneur: Critical Strategies to Accelerate Your Success As a Content Creator by Joe Pulizzi and Friends


From “The Godfather of Content Marketing” comes business-changing insights from 33 experts on the proven way to build a content business.

In this comprehensive guide for serious content creators, you’ll find critical strategies to accelerate your success as you move from content creator to content entrepreneur.

The Content Entrepreneur walks you through the entire content creation process, showing you how to:

  • Start and set up your content business
  • How to choose your content niche and platform
  • Which technology to choose (including leveraging AI)
  • Strategies to build and keep a loyal audience
  • How to repurpose your content
  • Create a marketing plan for the long run
  • Generate multiple forms of revenue
  • Plan for long-term growth
  • Set the right goals for your business and family situation

This comprehensive guide includes over 40 chapters from 33 of the leading content experts on the planet ranging from audience building to revenue generation.

The authors of this book have “been there, done that” and share their years of experience to help you become the content entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed of.


Joe Pulizzi is the founder of multiple startups including content creator education site, The Tilt, the content entrepreneur event Creator Economy Expo (CEX), and is the bestselling author of seven books including Content Inc. and Epic Content Marketing, which was named a “Must-Read Business Book” by Fortune Magazine.

Joe is best known for his work in content marketing, first using the term in 2001, then launching Content Marketing Institute and the Content Marketing World event. 

He has two weekly podcasts, the motivational Content Inc. podcast, and the content news and analysis show This Old Marketing with Robert Rose.

His foundation, The Orange Effect, delivers speech therapy and technology services to over 350 children in 35 states.

And, interesting fact – he is now a member of a VERY exclusive club - The Marketing Book Podcast 7-Timers Club!
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May 17, 2024

Social Media Explained 3.0: Marketing Success in the AI Era by Mark Schaefer 


In this third and completely revised edition of his classic book, bestselling author and college educator Mark Schaefer explains why many marketers are "sleepwalking" through the social media world because they haven't kept up with new consumer trends. 

Schaefer untangles the world's least understood business practices in his easy-to-understand personal style.

Social Media Explained 3.0 is perfect for the busy executive, business owner, entrepreneur, or student who needs a quick and simple explanation of "what to do." 

The book provides insights into how social media fits into the modern marketing eco-system, including:

  • How social media strategy has dramatically changed. In fact, it's not a strategy at all!
  • Unique insights into the role of content, engagement, and timing
  • Practical ideas to initiate and measure a paid strategy
  • The growing impact of AI on social media effectiveness
  • Insights into measuring results
  • Case studies illustrating social media success
  • Answers to the biggest questions about measurement, organization, and budgeting

This is your marketing path forward. This is Social Media Explained.


Mark Schaefer is among the world's most recognized marketing authorities, a global keynote speaker, college educator, marketing consultant, podcast host, and author. 

Mark has worked in global sales, PR, and marketing positions for over 30 years and now provides Consulting Services through Schaefer Marketing Solutions. He specializes in marketing training and strategy with clients as diverse as Dell, Johnson & Johnson, Adidas, and the US Air Force. 

He has advanced degrees in marketing and organizational development and is a faculty member of The Graduate Studies program at Rutgers University. A career highlight was studying under Peter Drucker while Mark earned his MBA.

And, interesting fact – this is Mark’s 10th book interview on The Marketing Book Podcast, more than any of the over 350 authors who have been guests on the show!

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May 10, 2024

The ABM Effect: How to Win, Retain, and Grow Valuable Clients for Market-Beating Growth by Alisha Lyndon


Conventional sales and marketing strategies typically involve pitching to broad markets to establish brand recognition and stimulate demand, ultimately leading to revenue generation. 

However, a more efficient and impactful approach is to acknowledge and treat each client as a distinct market in its own right.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM), pioneered by Alisha Lyndon, is quickly emerging as the number one growth strategy for firms selling high-value solutions to large and complex clients. 

Packed with real-life stories and insights, this book reveals how-to approaches for:

  • Enabling clients to make purchase decisions by meeting them on their terms and overcoming buyer caution
  • Removing friction from the buying processes through the alignment of selling and marketing efforts
  • Navigating the dynamics of buying teams, fostering genuine connections, and cultivating trust-based relationships

The ABM Effect provides a radical rethink of the role of selling and marketing when it comes to strategic clients, creating a win-win scenario for both the firm and its clients.


Alisha Lyndon pioneered the idea of Account-Based Marketing to drive growth in strategic accounts.

She is Chief Executive at Momentum ITSMA, which she founded in 2011, advising global technology, professional, and financial services firms on growth strategies, key account development, and team alignment.

Before Momentum ITSMA, Alisha spent 10 years in growth roles at technology firms, including Microsoft.

Alisha is also the host of the Account-Based Marketing podcast, is a regular contributor to Forbes, and is a speaker on growth topics.

And, interesting fact - she is living in the 4th house she designed herself!

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May 7, 2024

They Ask You Answer: Ein Revolutionär Simpler Ansatz Für Mehr Erfolg In Vertrieb Und Marketing, Angepasst An Die Digitalen Konsumenten Von Heute


This is the German-language edition of the bestseller "They Ask, You Answer: A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today's Digital Consumer" by Marcus Sheridan, featured on episode 258 of The Marketing Book Podcast in 2019.

This interview starts in English and then is in German.


René Neubach is the founder of Content Glory. Born and raised in Vienna René has spent the last 25 years in different areas of digital marketing before joining the pharmaceutical industry in various marketing positions both in Europe and globally. 

For the last ten years, René has worked as a consultant and business coach, focusing on developing content strategies for his clients and coaching marketing and salespeople to implement these strategies and tactics in their companies successfully. 

Torsten Herrmann is a digital marketing consultant and Managing Director of the online marketing consultancy Chain Relations GmbH in Frankfurt and Leipzig. 

Chain Relations is a digital marketing agency specializing in online lead generation and demand generation in B2B industries. 

For over 25 years, he has supported B2B companies of all sizes in developing and optimizing their marketing and sales strategies. 

He hosts the German-language podcast “Lasst die Kunden Kommen,” which is the same name as his business novel about inbound marketing and account-based marketing.


May 3, 2024

Public Speaking with Confidence: How to Overcome Anxiety and Deliver Unforgettable Presentations by Philipp Humm


You’ve probably tried to speak in public a few times before. Maybe your heart started racing, you had difficulty breathing, or you forgot what you wanted to say. You've tried a few different strategies, but nothing has worked. It sucks, right?

Philipp Humm knows the struggle you’re going through right now.

For years, speaking in public was the single thing he was most afraid of.

Until he discovered the techniques you’re about to learn.

In this book, you’ll master the techniques that have helped him overcome his fear of public speaking and feel excited to speak in public.

They are the same techniques he used to prepare for his TEDx talk, which he’s taught in his workshops with companies including Google, Oracle, ASICS, Visa, Salesforce, Metlife, and EON.

Some of the exercises are a bit unconventional. Some are weird. But they’re also the most effective in helping you feel confident about speaking in public.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll discover how to:

  • Give fewer f*cks about what other people think of you
  • Structure your presentations following an effective 9-step process
  • Turn any boring speech into a captivating performance
  • Rehearse your presentation like a professional actor
  • Get yourself into the zone with a powerful 10-minute warm-up routine

The techniques you’re about to learn have changed Philipp Humms’ life, and they’ve turned thousands of his clients into charismatic speakers.

They will help you:

  • Get promoted faster
  • Become the trusted expert in your industry
  • Close more deals
  • Teach and mentor others

Be the most interesting person to talk to, overcome your anxiety, and feel excited to speak in public!


Philipp Humm is on a mission to help professionals worldwide reach their full potential through confident, authentic, impactful communication.

He has helped thousands of sellers, leaders, and entrepreneurs worldwide use stories to inspire in business and beyond. His clients include Google, Visa, and Oracle, to name a few. 

Before his speaking career took off, Philipp worked for nearly a decade at Uber, Bain & Company, and Blackstone. 

He discovered his passion for performance arts (acting, improv., and storytelling) during his time in New York City while earning his MBA at Columbia University.

His TEDx talk on "The Secret to Building Confidence" was selected as an Editor’s Pick by the global TED organization.

He is also the author of The StorySelling Method: Master the Art of Storytelling to Build Trust, Stand Out, and Boost Sales which was featured on episode 463 of The Marketing Book Podcast in 2023.

And, interesting fact - according to page 18 of his previous book The StorySelling Method, he once received a testimonial that included, “He’s got a German accent that’s hotter than a pretzel straight out of the oven.”

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Apr 26, 2024

The Customer Copernicus: How to be Customer-Led by Charlie Dawson and Seán Meehan


Some companies are great for customers – they care and change whole markets to work better for the customers they serve.

Think of Amazon, easyJet and Sky. They make things easier and improve what matters – obvious, surely?

They have also enjoyed huge business success, growing and making plenty of money.

The Customer Copernicus answers the following question: if it’s obvious and attractive, why is it so rare?

And then it answers a second question because Tesco, O2, and Wells Fargo were like this once. Why, having mastered it, would you ever stop?

Because all three did, and two ended up in court.

The Customer Copernicus explains how to become and how to stay customer-led.

Essential reading for leaders and teams who want their organizations to stay competitive by developing a more purposeful and innovative culture.


Charlie Dawson is the founder of The Foundation, a London-based consultancy established in 1999 to help organizations become customer-led to generate more decisive and sustained commercial success. He started his career in advertising.

And, interesting fact - he earned an engineering degree from The University of Cambridge!

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Apr 19, 2024

The Unsold Mindset: Redefining What It Means to Sell by Colin Coggins & Garrett Brown


This Wall Street Journal bestseller is captivating readers of Adam Grant, Dan Pink, and James Clear and has been called "a life-changing book as much about life as it is about selling."

What if the greatest salespeople on the planet are the opposite of who you think they are?
Everyone sells, every day. It's why the most successful people are so good at selling themselves, their ideas, or their products.

Yet when people hear the word "sales" they think of some version of the overly confident, manipulative, "don't-take-no-for-an-answer" stereotype. 

Because of these misperceptions, when they find themselves in a situation where they need to sell, they feel compelled to put on the persona of a "good salesperson." 

But there's a disconnect between who we think good salespeople are and who they actually are. In any room, they're not the most self-confident, they're the most self-aware.

They're not the most sociable, they're the most socially aware. And they don't succeed despite obstacles, they succeed because of obstacles.
Colin Coggins & Garrett Brown sought out some of the most successful people from all walks of life, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, doctors, trial lawyers, professional athletes, agents, military leaders, artists, engineers, and countless others in between in hopes of understanding why they're so extraordinary. 

They found that as different as all these incredible people were, they all had an eerily similar approach to selling. It didn't matter if they were perceived as optimists or pessimists, logical or emotional, introverted or extraverted, jovial or stoic - they were all unsold on what it meant to sell and unsold on who people expected them to be.
The Unsold Mindset reveals a counterintuitive approach to not just selling, but life. 

This book is not about "building rapport," "objection handling," or "trial closes." It's a journey toward an entirely new mindset — because the greatest sellers on the planet aren't successful because of what they do, they're successful because of what they think.
Being a good person and a good salesperson aren't mutually exclusive. The Unsold Mindset will change the way you think about selling and the way you think about yourself.


Colin Coggins and Garrett Brown are long-time sales leaders, practitioners, teachers, and best friends. They met at software startup Bitium, which they helped lead to an acquisition by Google. 

They teach the popular course they created, "Sales Mindset for Entrepreneurs," at the University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business.

They are also investors, corporate advisors, and co-founders of Agency18, a firm that helps mission-driven companies adopt the Unsold Mindset. 

Sought after as keynote speakers and guest lecturers, they love connecting with audiences from diverse industries, professions, and backgrounds and showing them that it's possible to successfully sell without being someone you're not.

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Apr 12, 2024

Immersion: The Science of the Extraordinary and the Source of Happiness by Paul Zak


No one raves about boring movies, bland customer service experiences, or sleep-inducing classes. 

The world is rapidly transforming into an experience economy as people increasingly crave extraordinary experiences.

Experience designers, marketers, entertainment producers, and retailers have long sought to fill this craving. 

Now, there’s a scientific formula to consistently create extraordinary experiences. 

The data shows that those who use this formula increase the impact of experiences tenfold.

Creating the extraordinary used to be extraordinarily hard. Immersion offers a framework for transforming nearly any situation from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Based on twenty years of neuroscience research from his lab and innumerable client applications, Dr. Paul J. Zak explains why brains crave the extraordinary. 

Clear instructions and examples show readers exactly how to create amazing experiences for customers, prospects, employees, audiences, and learners.

You can guess if your experience will be extraordinary—or you can apply the insights from Immersion to ensure it is.


Dr. Paul J. Zak is a Professor of economics, psychology, and management at Claremont Graduate University and is one of the most cited scientists with over 200 published papers and more than 20,000 citations to his research. 

Paul’s two decades of research have taken him from the Pentagon to Fortune 50 boardrooms to the rainforest of Papua New Guinea. 

Along the way, he helped start several interdisciplinary fields including neuroeconomics, neuromanagement, and neuromarketing. 

His other books include Trust Factor: The Science of Creating High-Performance Companies and The Moral Molecule: How Trust Works.

Paul is also a four-time tech entrepreneur; his current company, Immersion Neuroscience, is a software platform that allows anyone to measure what the brain loves in real time to improve outcomes in entertainment, education and training, advertising, and live events. 

He frequently appears in the media in such places as Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Fox & Friends, ABC Evening News, and his work has been reported in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Time, The Economist, Scientific American, Fast Company, Forbes and many other publications.

And interesting facts – he met his wife on a flight from Cincinnati to LA, he served as a relationship expert on the Dr Phil show and ABC’s hit TV show The Bachelor, and he created a Valentine's Day experiment for NBC's Today Show!

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Apr 5, 2024

Designing Brand Identity: A Comprehensive Guide to the World of Brands and Branding 6th Edition by Alina Wheeler and Rob Meyerson


Revised and updated sixth edition of the best-selling guide to branding fundamentals, strategy, and process.

It’s harder than ever to be the brand of choice―in many markets, technology has lowered barriers to entry, increasing competition. Everything is digital and the need for fresh content is relentless.

Decisions that used to be straightforward are now complicated by rapid advances in technology, the pandemic, political polarization, and numerous social and cultural changes.

The sixth edition of Designing Brand Identity has been updated throughout to address the challenges faced by branding professionals today.

This best-selling book demystifies branding, explains the fundamentals, and gives practitioners a roadmap to create sustainable and successful brands.

With each topic covered in a single spread, the book celebrates great design and strategy while adding new thinking, new case studies, and future-facing, global perspectives.

Organized into three sections―brand fundamentals, process basics, and case studies―this revised edition includes:

  • Over 100 branding subjects, checklists, tools, and diagrams
  • More than 50 all-new case studies that describe goals, processes, strategies, solutions, and results
  • New content on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, social justice, and evidence-based marketing
  • Additional examples of the best/most important branding and design work of the past few years
  • Over 700 illustrations of brand touchpoints
  • More than 400 quotes from branding experts, CEOs, and design gurus

Whether you’re the project manager for your company’s rebrand or you need to educate your staff or students about brand fundamentals, Designing Brand Identity is the quintessential resource.

From research to brand strategy, design execution to launch and governance, Designing Brand Identity is a compendium of tools for branding success and best practices for inspiration.


Rob Meyerson is a namer, brand consultant, and principal and founder of Heirloom, an independent brand strategy and identity firm. 

Before founding Heirloom, Rob’s roles included head of brand architecture and naming at HP, director of verbal identity at Interbrand in San Francisco, and director of strategy at FutureBrand in Southeast Asia. 

His past clients range from the Fortune 500 to Silicon Valley startups, from San Francisco to Shanghai, including brands such as Adobe, GE, John Deere, Disney, Intel, Microsoft, and Walmart.

An experienced namer, Rob is the author of Brand Naming: The Complete Guide to Creating a Name for Your Company, Product, or Service.

Rob has written about brand strategy and brand naming for leading publications such as Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, Insider, The Guardian, VentureBeat, and Branding Strategy Insider

And, interesting fact – he’s 6 feet 5 inches tall! 

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Mar 29, 2024

B2B Social Selling Strategy: Connect with Customers, Build Relationships, and Drive Sales by Julie Atherton


Social media, when deployed strategically and effectively in B2B channels, offers a uniquely personal long-term networking opportunity for sales teams and business professionals.

For many, this has supercharged their sales performance, with empowered teams, faster results, and higher revenues. For others, the challenges of navigating social channels for business can be daunting.

Concerns over social media confidence, personal and professional conflicts of interest, and a loss of management control can lead to a lack of action or ineffective modes of engagement.

B2B Social Selling Strategy provides a clear framework for identifying the right social channels, connecting with potential and existing customers, and measuring success against objectives and KPIs.

Featuring original research, case studies, and interviews with industry professionals, the book also shows how to generate content to attract attention and gain trust, work with B2B influencers, and create a social selling culture.

Exploring how to build your personal brand in synergy with your business and integrate social selling with other sales and marketing channels, it is supported by online interactive tools and templates to be used to create and execute your own social selling strategy.

Written by a recognized social media expert, B2B Social Selling Strategy is an indispensable guide for B2B sales, marketing, and social media professionals.


Julie Atherton is the founder of the social media transformation advisory and marketing consultancy Small Wonder. 

A business leader, public speaker, consultant, and strategist with over 30 years of experience, she specializes in training and advising organizations from global brands to educational organizations and social enterprises on how to embed social media in their strategic development and growth.

Having worked both agency and client-side, she has a wealth of knowledge on delivering marketing, brand, and business strategy across almost every sector.

She is also the author of Social Media Strategy: A Practical Guide to Social Media Marketing and Customer Engagement which was featured on episode 477 of the Marketing Book Podcast. Her books are widely used by PR, marketing and sales professionals, and universities.

And, interesting fact – she is not the Julie Atherton who is the British actress, singer and director!

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Mar 22, 2024

MKTG STINX by Bob Hoffman


From the Author – "There have been thousands of books and articles extolling the virtues of marketing and advertising. But I don't think there has ever been one about how stupid and wasteful most of it is.

Well, now there is."


Bob Hoffman is the author of several best-selling books about advertising. He is also among the most sought-after international speakers on advertising and marketing.

His books include, ADSCAM: How Online Advertising Gave Birth to One of History's Greatest Frauds, and Became a Threat to Democracy, Advertising for Skeptics, Laughing at Advertising, BadMen: How Advertising Went From A Minor Annoyance To A Major Menace, and Marketers Are From Mars, Consumers Are From New Jersey – all of which have been featured on The Marketing Book Podcast.
He is the creator of the popular “Ad Contrarian” blog, named one of the world's most influential marketing and advertising blogs by Business Insider.
Bob was the CEO of two independent agencies and the U.S. operation of an international agency. 

Bob's commentary has appeared in the BBC World Service, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, MSNBC, The Financial Times, The Australian, New Zealand Public Broadcasting, Fox News, Sky News, Forbes, Canadian Public Broadcasting, and many other news outlets throughout the world. 

And, interesting fact – in his youth, he responded to a want ad and was hired to be a writer of adult fiction. He lasted one day at that job.

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Mar 15, 2024

The Brand Benefits Playbook: Why Customers Aren't Buying What You're Selling--And What to Do About It by Allen Weiss and Debbie MacInnis


From two of the world’s leading experts on branding, brand benefits, and positioning, this strategic guide reveals how focusing on brand benefits can transform organizations and help them win in the marketplace.

Today’s customers think less about products and more about brands, no matter whether those brands are organizational, nonprofit, individuals, or service-oriented. 

Customers also care less about the features of your product—what it has—than about its benefits—what it does for them. 

While this sounds like common sense, shockingly few organizations actually conduct business this way.

Drs. Allen Weiss and Debbie J. MacInnis, professors and branding, brand benefits, and positioning experts, are about to change that. 

In The Brand Benefits Playbook, Weiss and MacInnis help readers understand, and transition to, a benefits-based model. 

This focus on customer benefits will teach organizations:

  • What market they are in (or could be operating in)
  • How customers perceive their brand (and that of their competitors) in terms of benefits
  • The most effective way to segment a market and position a brand in terms of benefits
  • How to deliver benefits throughout the customer journey
  • How a focus on benefits facilitates growth

Evidence-based, integrated, and simple, this innovative approach can be applied to all markets—and ensures that any brand can deliver the benefits its customers truly want.


Allen Weiss, PhD, is the founder and CEO of MarketingProfs, LLC, the largest B2B marketing training, consulting, and event company dedicated to helping large organizations, teams, and individuals execute marketing campaigns that drive actual results. 

He is also a consultant, conference speaker, and Emeritus Professor at USC. Dr. Weiss has developed a rigorous process for benefit positioning in his consulting with global technology companies. 

His work can be seen in tech brands including Intel and Texas Instruments, and categories like banks and insurance companies. 

And, interesting facts - he has an engineering degree and was in a band that opened for major recording acts like Lynyrd Skynyrd Bonnie Raitt, and Kenny Loggins!

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Mar 8, 2024

Organic Social Media: How to Build Flourishing Online Communities by Jenny Li Fowler


Organizations and institutions focused on community building have a built-in group of ambassadors who embrace their message and vision. 

Social media managers have a unique opportunity to lean into this loyalty by creating a social presence informed by this digital engagement.

In Organic Social Media, Jenny Li Fowler outlines the important steps that social media managers need to take to enhance an organization's broader growth objectives. 

Fowler breaks down the important questions to help readers determine the best platforms to invest in, how they can streamline the approval process and other essential strategic steps to create an organic following on social platforms.

Organic Social Media explains how to elevate the key growth objectives of a brand by creating or recreating its online presence. 

Early chapters walk readers through the planning phase, the process of strategic goal setting, platform selection, resource management, and content discovery. 

Later chapters focus on executing these established plans and offer a strategic way to build a content calendar and track the success of social. 

With this book, social media managers will future-proof the online presence of any organization.


Jenny Li Fowler is the director of social media strategy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

She is in charge of developing and executing Institute-wide social media initiatives and campaigns and provides social media consultation and direction for more than 250 departments, labs, and centers. 

She also manages MIT’s flagship X, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Threads and TikTok accounts. 

Before MIT, she served as Social Media Manager and Web Editor for the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. 

And, interesting fact – earlier in her career she was a TV reporter and news anchor! 

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Mar 1, 2024

Social Media Strategy: A Practical Guide to Social Media Marketing and Customer Engagement by Julie Atherton 


Social media marketing is no longer optional. This book unpacks the winning formula for effective social media marketing complete with comprehensive updates and the latest developments.

Integrated marketing and PR strategies are a requirement for all businesses. However, with the explosion of social media and content marketing, many organizations still struggle to know which channels to invest in and how to maximize their impact.

Social Media Strategy gives clear guidance with a simple structured approach to executing campaigns that work. It provides a blueprint for planning, delivering, and measuring social media's contribution to your business through:

  • Identifying and targeting audience segments
  • Maximizing social search
  • Enhanced reputation management
  • Managing a diversified influencer portfolio
  • Selecting the right channels for organic and paid social
  • Creating a process and structure to improve efficiencies
  • Using appropriate technology including AI

With explanations of best-practice tools and practical downloadable templates, this new edition includes new and updated interviews and case studies from industry leaders, influencers, and brands including TUI, Greggs, Lego, Ryan Air, and National Geographic.

Social Media Strategy delivers a long-term solution for maximizing social media-led business development.


Julie is the founder of the social media transformation advisory and marketing consultancy Small Wonder. 

A business leader, public speaker, consultant, and strategist with over 30 years of experience, she specializes in training and advising organizations from global brands to educational organizations and social enterprises on how to embed social media in their strategic development and growth.

Having worked both agency and client-side, she has a wealth of knowledge on delivering marketing, brand, and business strategy across almost every sector.

She is also the author of B2B Social Selling Strategy: Connect with Customers, Build Relationships and Drive Sales and her books are widely used by PR, marketing and sales professionals, and universities.

And, interesting fact – she once went paragliding in the Alps!

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Feb 23, 2024

The Perfect Story: How to Tell Stories that Inform, Influence, and Inspire by Karen Eber


Learn how to take any story and make it perfect—from storytelling expert Karen Eber, whose popular TED Talk on the subject continues to be a source of inspiration for millions.

What makes a story perfect? How do you tell the perfect story for any occasion?

We live in a story world. Stories are a memorable and engaging way to differentiate yourself, build connection and trust, create new thinking, bring meaning to data, and even influence decision-making. But how do you turn a good story into a great story that informs, influences, and inspires?

In The Perfect Story, Karen Eber—leadership consultant, professional keynote storyteller, and TED speaker—shares the science of storytelling to teach you to:

  • Leverage the Five Factory Settings of the Brain to hack the art of storytelling
  • Build a toolkit of endless story ideas
  • Define the audience for your story
  • Apply a memorable story structure
  • Engage senses and emotions
  • Tell stories with data
  • Avoid common storytelling mistakes
  • Use your body to tell dynamic stories
  • Ensure your story doesn't manipulate
  • Navigate and embrace the vulnerability of storytelling

Without relying on complicated models or one-size-fits-all prescriptions, this book makes storytelling accessible with practical and impactful steps for anyone to tell the perfect story for any occasion.

Through interview vignettes, The Perfect Story also shares approaches from different storytellers, including the Sundance Institute cofounder, an executive producer of The Moth, the former creative director at Pixar, the TED Radio Hour podcast host, and many more.

Whether you are leading a team, giving a presentation, hosting a podcast, selling a product or service, interviewing for a job, or giving a toast at a wedding, The Perfect Story will help you take your stories and make them perfect.


Karen Eber is a bestselling author, international consultant, and keynote speaker. Her TED Talk: 'How Your Brain Responds To Stories – And Why They’re Crucial For Leaders,' continues to be a source of inspiration for millions. 

Karen was previously a Head of Culture, Chief Learning Officer, and Head of Leadership Development at General Electric and Deloitte. 

As the CEO and Chief Storyteller of Eber Leadership Group, Karen helps companies build leaders, teams, and culture one story at a time, working with Fortune 500 companies like General Electric, Microsoft, Kraft Heinz, Facebook, and the Big 4 Consulting Companies. 

She guest lectures at universities including the London School of Business, Stanford, and MIT, and is a frequent contributor to publications like Fast Company, Business Insider, TED, Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur.

And, interesting fact – she has one brown eye and one green eye!

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Feb 16, 2024

Second Skin: Tales and Truths from the Mosh Pit of Life by Jason Miller 


Second Skin is a raw and unfiltered memoir that thrusts you into the author’s turbulent journey of self-discovery toward becoming a leading voice in B2B digital marketing. 

Battling mental health demons, grappling with the “what the fuck am I gonna do?” dilemma, and narrowly avoiding getting swallowed by life’s uncertainties. 

Amid adversity, heavy metal emerges as their saving grace, providing an outlet for their pain and a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness.

This gripping narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a crumbling music industry, where the author encounters amusing anecdotes that shed light on just how screwed up the music business can be. 

As the industry crumbles around them, the author encounters hilarious anecdotes that expose the absurdity of it all. 

With a devil-may-care attitude and a cockeyed plan for reinvention, they dive headfirst into the wild world of B2B marketing, merging heavy metal madness with marketing brilliance.

Brace yourself for a fast and furious tale that explores the depths of mental health struggles, celebrates the triumph of embracing passion, and leaves you howling with laughter at the sheer fuckery of the business. 

Get ready for a wild ride that proves you can rock your way through the darkest times and come out stronger, louder, and more resilient. 

This is a metalhead’s journey of becoming.


Jason Miller is a digital B2B marketer who has held senior marketing roles at LinkedIn, Marketo, and Active Campaign. 

Before entering the B2B space, he spent 10 years at Sony Music developing and executing marketing campaigns around the biggest names in music.  

He is a popular keynote speaker, digital marketing instructor at the University of California, Berkeley, and best-selling author of Welcome To The Funnel: Proven Tactics To Turn Your Social Media And Content Marketing Up To 11, which was featured on episode 28 of The Marketing Book Podcast in 2015. 

Also an accomplished rock photographer, Jason photographs the world's biggest rock stars on stages across Europe and the US. He has shot more than 1 million photos, interviewed thousands of musicians, and documented and published his work in the limited edition book Down In Front. His photos have been featured in Vive Le Rock magazine and on album covers of diverse artists from Warrior Soul to the comeback album of Pop Princess Tiffany. 

And, interesting fact – he is NOT the Jason Miller who is the author of Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit: The Secrets of Erotic Magic!

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Feb 9, 2024

The AI Playbook: Mastering the Rare Art of Machine Learning Deployment by Eric Siegel 


In his bestselling first book, Eric Siegel explained how machine learning works. Now, in The AI Playbook, he shows how to capitalize on it.

The greatest tool is the hardest to use. Machine learning is the world's most important general-purpose technology—but it's notoriously difficult to launch. 

Outside Big Tech and a handful of other leading companies, machine learning initiatives routinely fail to deploy, never realizing value. 

What's missing? A specialized business practice suitable for wide adoption. 

In The AI Playbook, bestselling author Eric Siegel presents the gold-standard, six-step practice for ushering machine learning projects from conception to deployment. 

He illustrates the practice with stories of success and of failure, including revealing case studies from UPS, FICO, and prominent dot-coms. 

This disciplined approach serves both sides: It empowers business professionals, and it establishes a sorely needed strategic framework for data professionals.

Beyond detailing the practice, this book also upskills business professionals—painlessly. 

It delivers a vital yet friendly dose of semi-technical background knowledge that all stakeholders need to lead or participate in machine learning projects, end to end. 

This puts business and data professionals on the same page so that they can collaborate deeply, jointly establishing precisely what machine learning is called upon to predict, how well it predicts, and how its predictions are acted upon to improve operations. 

These essentials make or break each initiative—getting them right paves the way for machine learning's value-driven deployment.

A note from the author:

What kind of AI does this book cover? The buzzword AI can mean many things, but this book is about machine learning, which is a central basis for—and what many mean by—AI. To be specific, this book covers the most vital use cases of machine learning, those designed to improve a wide range of business operations.


Eric Siegel, Ph.D. is a leading consultant and former Columbia University professor who helps companies deploy machine learning. 

He is the founder of the long-running Machine Learning Week conference series, the instructor of the acclaimed online course “Machine Learning Leadership and Practice – End-to-End Mastery,” executive editor of The Machine Learning Times, and a frequent keynote speaker. 

His previous book is the bestselling "Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die," which has been used in courses at hundreds of universities and was featured on episode 74 of The Marketing Book Podcast in 2016.

Eric’s interdisciplinary work bridges the stubborn technology/business gap. At Columbia, he won the Distinguished Faculty award when teaching graduate computer science courses in ML and AI. Later, he served as a business school professor at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. 

Eric's many media appearances include Bloomberg TV and Radio, Business News Network (Canada), Israel National Radio, NPR Marketplace, Radio National (Australia), Businessweek, CBS MoneyWatch, The European Business Review, The Financial Times, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, Newsweek, Scientific American, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

And, interesting fact – he is a dancing machine! 

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Feb 2, 2024

The Sale Is In The Tale by John Livesay


John Livesay, a keynote speaker and author of the business book Better Selling Through Storytelling, presents us with a business fable set in Austin, Texas. It is about a sales representative whose old ways of selling are not working anymore. With the help of his colleague, he learns how to use storytelling in his sales meetings, which wins him more sales success than ever before. As a result, he becomes irresistible to his clients.

The Sale Is in the Tale reveals approaches that reach beyond business. They apply to many aspects of life, as the sales rep learns how to strengthen his soft skills. The reader accompanies the rep on his journey and learns how to use storytelling and strengthen their soft skills to improve their professional and personal relationships. By applying the methodology from The Sale Is in the Tale you will:

  • Double your closing ratio
  • Learn how to get people to go from saying "I'm interested" to "I'm in"
  • Go from pushy to persuasive
  • Tug at heartstrings to get people to open their purse strings
  • Stop drowning in the sea of sameness


John Livesay, aka The Pitch Whisperer, is a keynote speaker on storytelling as a sales tool, marketing, negotiation, and persuasion. 

As a keynote speaker, John shares lessons from his award-winning career at Conde Nast to teach sales teams how to become irresistible so they are magnetic to their ideal clients. 

His TEDx talk has over 1,000,000 views. 

His other books are: 

  • Better Selling Through Storytelling: The Essential Roadmap to Becoming a Revenue Rockstar with a Foreword by Tim Sanders (2019)
  • The Successful Pitch: Conversations About Going from Invisible to Investable with a Foreword by Judy Robinett (2016)
  • The 7 Most Powerful Selling Secrets: Soar Your Way to Success With Integrity, Passion and Joy (2004)

John is a guest lecturer on leveraging the power of storytelling in sales at several universities including the University of Texas at Austin, Pepperdine Graduate Business School, and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

And, interesting fact – he was once a lifeguard! 

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Jan 26, 2024

Marketing 6.0: The Future Is Immersive by Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya, and Iwan Setiawan


In Marketing 6.0, the celebrated promoter of the “Four P’s of Marketing,” Philip Kotler, explains how marketers can use technology to address customers’ needs and make a difference in the world. 

In a new age of metamarketing, this book provides marketers with a way to integrate technological and business model evolution with the dramatic shifts in consumer behavior that have happened in the last decade. 

Readers will learn about:

  • The building blocks of metamarketing
  • Generation Z and Generation Alpha and the technologies they use daily
  • How to tap into metaverses and extended reality
  • The potential obstacles and solutions for creating a more interactive and immersive experience

Marketing has evolved to address global challenges and changing customer expectations. 

Incorporating sustainability themes and new technologies for customer engagement is essential for businesses to remain relevant. 

Indeed, marketing has shifted from traditional to digital, but most customers still value some forms of human interaction. 

As a result, multichannel and omnichannel marketing have become popular among marketers aiming to leverage both traditional and digital engagement. 

Metamarketing goes beyond that and offers a genuine physical and digital convergence by providing a more interactive and immersive customer experience across physical and digital spaces.


Philip Kotler is professor emeritus of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, where he held the S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor Of International Marketing. 

He is one of the world's leading authorities on marketing, widely regarded as the “father of modern marketing," author of over 90 books, recipient of numerous awards and honorary degrees from schools around the world, and voted as the Number 1 Guru In Management in the list of Top 30 Gurus Of Management (2022).

The Wall Street Journal ranks him among the top six most influential business thinkers. He holds an MA from the University of Chicago and a PhD from MIT, both in economics.

Philip has an incredible international presence - his books have been translated into more than 25 languages, and he regularly speaks on the international circuit.

And, interesting fact - he’s 92 years old!

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Jan 19, 2024

Overdeliver: Build a Business for a Lifetime Playing the Long Game in Direct Response Marketing by Brian Kurtz


Brian Kurtz is the bridge connecting the bedrock fundamentals of direct response marketing to today's state-of-the-art strategies, tactics, and channels. 

Overdeliver distills his expertise from working in the trenches over almost four decades to help readers build a business that maximizes both revenue and relationships.

Marketing isn't everything, according to Brian Kurtz.

It's the only thing.

If you have a vision or a mission in life, why not share it with millions instead of dozens?

And while you are sharing it with as many people as possible and creating maximum impact, why not measure everything and make all of your marketing accountable?

That's what this book is all about.

In the world of direct marketing, Brian Kurtz has seen it all and done it all over almost four decades. And he lives by the philosophy, "Those who did it have a responsibility to teach it."

 Here's a small sample of what you'll learn:

  • The 4 Pillars of Being Extraordinary
  • The 5 Principles of why "Original Source" matters
  • The 7 Characteristics that are present in every world-class copywriter
  • Multiple ways to track the metrics that matter in every campaign and every medium, online and offline
  • Why customer service and fulfillment are marketing functions
  • That the most important capital you own has nothing to do with money
  • And much more

Whether you're new to marketing or a seasoned pro, this book gives you a crystal-clear road map to grow your business, make more money, maximize your impact in your market, and love what you're doing while you're doing it. 

Kurtz takes you inside the craft to help you use all the tools at your disposal--from the intricate relationship between lists, offers, and copy, to continuity and creating lifetime value, to the critical importance of multichannel marketing, and more–so you can succeed wildly, exceed all your expectations, and overdeliver every time.


Brian Kurtz has been a direct marketer for over 40 years and never met a medium he didn't like...and while he's had much success, he admits that trying to sell subscriptions and books on the back of ATM receipts and under yogurt lids was only "a good idea at the time..."

For over 34 years at Boardroom Inc., he was responsible for mailing nearly 2 billion pieces of direct mail (and he did NOT lick every stamp!). He was also responsible for the distribution of millions of other impressions and promotions in a wide variety of alternate media, both offline and online, using the latest direct marketing techniques while working with many legendary copywriters and consultants. 

Under Brian's marketing leadership during his tenure at Boardroom, revenues went from approximately $5 million to over $150 million. 

Today he consults and works with direct response marketing companies and entrepreneurs directly and through his mastermind groups. 

Brian is also the co-author with Craig Simpson of The Advertising Solution: Influence Prospects, Multiply Sales, and Promote Your Brand.

And, interesting fact – he is a Little League baseball umpire! 

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Jan 12, 2024

Standout Startup: The Founder’s Guide to Irresistible Marketing That Fuels Growth by Allyson Letteri


Discover the powerful process that top VC-backed startups use to create an effective marketing strategy with Standout Startup.

This book is your ultimate marketing accelerator, giving you the tools to create strong messaging, fuel user growth, and accelerate revenue.

  • Create Strong Messaging
  • Fuel User Growth
  • Accelerate Revenue

With this step-by-step guide, tech startup leaders have an exact roadmap to develop positioning, product messaging, and content that converts. 

Standout Startup offers an essential marketing toolkit to help you stand out from the competition. 

Allyson Letteri shares insider secrets to fast-track your marketing success based on her experience as a Silicon Valley marketing executive and startup advisor.

What's included in Standout Startup:

  • The 3 Ps every startup needs to unlock effective messaging: personas, positioning, and personality.
  • Four techniques to create standout product positioning
  • How to define an inimitable brand personality that your ideal customers love.
  • The secrets to crafting compelling value propositions that sell your product.
  • The most effective types of content to increase conversion in each phase of the customer journey.

Standout Startup presents a proven process to build a sustainable user and revenue growth engine. And it all starts with powerful product messaging that makes your startup stand out.

Standout Startup is your marketing accelerator.


Allyson Letteri is a marketing leader and startup advisor who helps tech startups launch winning go-to-market strategies. 

She’s built marketing teams from scratch to scale at fast-growing tech companies in Silicon Valley (Handshake, Thumbtack, Intuit). 

Allyson now works with founders and VCs to accelerate their startups’ growth. 

Allyson holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

And, interesting fact – she has been a repeat guest on NBC’s Today show!

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Jan 5, 2024

Any Insights Yet?: Connect the Dots. Create New Categories. Transform Your Business. by Chris Kocek


Insights are like unicorns: mysterious and elusive, powerful yet elegant. They are the quintessential a-ha moment that all businesses are after, and yet very few people can agree on what an insight is or how they got one. 

Any Insights Yet? demystifies the insight-building process in a way that can help any business leader or marketing practitioner get to higher ground. 

Packed with real-world examples from leading brands and award-winning campaigns, Any Insights Yet? provides a dynamic step-by-step process for connecting the dots between data, observations, and human truths, resulting in powerful insights that can breathe new life into your brand and give your business a long-term competitive advantage.

In this fast-paced, 2-hour read, you'll discover:

  • The key characteristics of a true, transformative insight
  • Proven techniques and provocative questions for building a better insight
  • Simple methods to stress-test your insight and turn it into an actionable idea
  • How to write and sell an insight so that it can inspire others and transform your brand


Chris Kocek is an author, speaker, and founder of Gallant, a creative branding firm in Austin, Texas which has helped dozens of companies with brand overhauls, new product launches, and data-driven campaigns, resulting in triple-digit growth and national recognition.  

Before starting Gallant, Chris worked in advertising as a strategic planner in New York City and Austin, Texas developing nationally recognized campaigns for Fortune 500 brands and highly respected nonprofits, including AARP, Lowe's Home Improvement, Hyatt Hotels, Ace Hardware, and John Deere. 

A frequent guest lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin, Chris is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and author of The Practical Pocket Guide to Account Planning.

He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles and earned a master's degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

And, interesting fact – he worked as an Americorps Ranger in Canyonlands National Park in Utah!

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Dec 29, 2023

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins (1923) with Jay Abraham


Whether you are considering a career in advertising or trying to find the best way to market your product, start with Claude Hopkins (1866-1932) and then move on to the rest.

In this interview, legendary marketer Jay Abraham talks about how Scientific Advertising changed the course of his career and life.

In Scientific Advertising, Hopkins explains the process of getting (and measuring) results from your advertising.

Claude Hopkins wrote Scientific Advertising in 1923, but his insight into consumer behavior still holds. The aim was to explain the rules of advertising and what makes consumers buy so that advertising returns would become a certainty and not a guess. Learn how to use his techniques to write ads that sell with certainty.

Hopkins clearly shows how to write copy, provides methods for testing it, and shows how evidence-based advertising gets results in a measurable and cost-effective way.

It is a must-read if you are in business, sales, or advertising. Hopkins shows what makes us buy and how you can make it happen.

Nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times. It changed the course of my life.” ~David Ogilvy

In 21 short chapters, Hopkins reveals a variety of tested techniques that he used throughout his successful career in advertising:

  1. How advertising laws are established - What the professionals in advertising already know and how we can use this knowledge to develop better ads.
  2. Just salesmanship - What is advertising and how is it best used?
  3. Offer service - The best ways to offer service to increase sales.
  4. Mail order advertising - What it teaches us and how we can apply it to our advertising.
  5. Headlines - A lot of headlines get a poor response in email marketing, websites, and adverts. Learn how to increase your response rate.
  6. Psychology - Use Hopkins’ experience to direct people to buy and use your product.
  7. Being specific - Are you being specific enough in your advertising? Hopkins shows that by using specific facts you can increase sales and outperform your competitors.
  8. Tell your full story - How telling your story is important and why some advertisers make the mistake of missing out on this.
  9. Art in advertising - Should we use bespoke artwork or tried and tested visuals?
  10. Things too costly - What strategies are too costly to attempt in advertising?
  11. Information - How to give the consumer the best information to help them buy.
  12. Strategy - Rules for directing a campaign.
  13. Use of samples - How getting samples into people's hands can increase sales.
  14. Getting distribution - Hopkins lays out how to get national distribution by starting small.
  15. Test campaigns - How to test different campaigns on the same audience.
  16. Leaning on dealers - Ways to get dealers to help your campaign
  17. Individuality - Set yourself apart from competitors and what your tone should be.
  18. Negative advertising - Will it help your sales?
  19. Letter writing - Hopkins shows how to write a sales letter.
  20. A name that helps - How does a product name impact sales?
  21. Good business - See how good business impacts consumer behavior.

Excerpts from the book

The only purpose of advertising is to make sales. It is profitable or unprofitable according to its actual sales.

I never ask people to buy. The ads all offer service, perhaps a free sample. They sound altruistic. But they get a reading and action. No selfish appeal can do that.

I set down these findings solely for the purpose of aiding others to start far up the heights I scaled.


As Founder and CEO of The Abraham Group, Inc. (Los Angeles, California), Jay has spent his entire career solving complex problems and fixing underperforming businesses. 

He has significantly increased the bottom lines of over 10,000 clients in more than 1,000 industries.

Jay‘s books include Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out-Perform, and Out-Earn the Competition and The Sticking Point Solution: 9 Ways to Move Your Business from Stagnation to Stunning Growth which was featured on episode 299 of The Marketing Book Podcast in 2020.

Jay’s most recent book is Business Wealth Without Risk: How to Create a Lifetime of Income & Wealth Every 3 to 5 years, co-authored with Roland Frasier. 

And, interesting fact: Jay has the same birthday as Elvis Presley!

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Dec 22, 2023

Stop Starvation Marketing: 23 Power Growth Moves For Health Tech, IT, Biotech Companies by Christine Slocumb


Get ready to embark on a journey through 23 power moves that will help you grow a successful healthcare, biotech, or IT company. 

With practical tips and real-world success stories, Stop Starvation Marketing is a must-read for tech leaders looking to take their marketing to the next level. 

Every chapter is packed with tactics, tips, and punchy anecdotes that immediately demonstrate each point.

Action strategies are clearly outlined and provide a blueprint for success. If you are serious about marketing results – and enjoy a spot of humor along the way – this book is for you.


Christine has 30 years of marketing, business development, and product management experience in a wide variety of companies, from start-ups to Fortune 50 firms. 

Since founding her marketing firm Clarity Quest in 2001, Christine has worked with technology, life sciences, and healthcare firms on marketing strategy, business planning, and marketing implementation. 

Christine earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering, and an MBA – and holds eight U.S. patents.

And, interesting fact - Christine and the host of The Marketing Book Podcast are both married to physicians!

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Dec 15, 2023

Forget the Funnel: A Customer-Led Approach for Driving Predictable, Recurring Revenue by Georgiana Laudi and Claire Suellentrop


Your product is great. So why is marketing it so hard?

Many SaaS companies struggle with marketing. 

Teams try everything they can to drive more traffic, leads, and signups. 

Yet revenue growth remains…lumpy. Slow. Frustratingly inconsistent.

If this sounds familiar, the problem isn’t you or your ideas; it’s that you’re guessing at what resonates with your target customers. 

In Forget the Funnel, Georgiana Laudi and Claire Suellentrop share the Customer-Led Growth Framework they've developed to help companies of all sizes solve their product marketing struggles and hit ambitious targets. 

This framework helps you get inside your customers’ heads, map and measure your customers’ experience, and uncover which tactics will actually move the needle for your company.

It’s time to stop guessing. Forget the Funnel is your guide for thinking more strategically about marketing your product and making a meaningful impact on revenue growth.


Georgiana Laudi and Claire Suellentrop co-founded Forget the Funnel, a consultancy that helps SaaS teams reach and retain high lifetime value customers.

Georgiana is a strategic advisor and speaker who's passionate about turning customer value into revenue-generating outcomes. 

An online marketer since 2000, she began her track record as a marketing executive and product growth advisor in 2010, working with high-growth recurring-revenue startups.

And, interesting fact – she’s from Canada!

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